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Rosh Chodesh Society

Rosh Chodesh Society

This course explores the key Jewish values that were so influential in molding our civilization. The lessons focus on areas outside the domain of the synagogue and Jewish ritual, and explore what it means to live as a Jew in “the rest of our life”. How is a Jewish woman expected to interact with the world around her? What does it mean to live Jewish? This 7-part series promises to shine a spotlight on the Torah view of our social and ethical responsibilities, and guide us in how to live larger than life by weaving G-d into every detail. It is part of the Jewish Learning Institute and the course will be taught by Sarah Alevsky.
Mon, Nov 26, 2018 - Tue, Nov 26, 2019

Passover Seder

Complete with the 4 cups of wine, Matzah, Maror and all passover traditions and a 4 course dinner. No need to bring Haggadas. Everything will be provided. Open to all!
The Santana 229 West 60th.

FIRST SEDER - Friday, April 19th begins at 7:30 PM

Cost per Seder: $70 for Adults, $40 for children (3-10).
Grants available.

First Seder

Fri, Apr 19, 2019

TLC May Mother Daughter

Give Some & Get Some TLC!

The Twisted Loaves Club presents another exciting Challah Bake! The challah class with a twist. A fun night out with the girls over toasts, loaves and lots of love!

PLEASE NOTE: At a Private Location in the Midtown West area - address to be emailed upon reservation receipt.

Event Hosts: Daphne Segev-Klar, Chana Kugel and Faya Lipskier

This Wednesday April 3rd at 8pm.
Wed, May 8, 2019