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Shabbat Services

Take part in our weekly warm and inviting Shabbat services at Drisha.

Rabbi Lipskier's Take 5 Class

We bring the Torah class to you.

Twisted Loaves Club

A Challah Baking Class for women

The Jewish Woman

A site for every Jewish woman

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Daily Quote
The first thing we heard from the Rebbe was: "What is forbidden, one must not; and what is permitted, one need not"
Rabbi Mordechai of Haradak, a disciple of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi
Daily Thought
If you are an upright person, then “G‑d will bless you in everything you do.” Note, however, that it says you must do. We are meant to work through the processes of the material world. Why? Because this is the means by which the world is enlightened: the spiritual must invest itself into the mundane. And this can be achieved only by...
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