Sunday, June 5 - Shavuot, First Day

Reading of the 10 commandments at 11 AM

The Rebbe’s Personal Request For Shavuot:

The Rebbe has emphasized many times that at Mount Sinai all Jewish people were present, including (and especially) children, who acted as our guarantors. Every year, when the story of the giving of the Torah is read on Shavuot, we re-experience that Sinai Revelation. Therefore, it is important that all men, women and children (of ALL ages) participate in the reading of the Ten Commandments.

Followed by A delicious dairy kiddush lunch including fine wine and cheeses, hot blintzes and ice cream for kids of all ages. Sponsored anonymously in honor of a complete and speedy recovery for Dr Zev Zelenko may he be well.



If you cannot make it at 11 AM we will also be hosting A GRAND ICE CREAM PARTY 4-5 PM at Waterline Square Park. The 10 commandments will be read there as well.