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Light is Never on Lockdown 

What is Chabad of the West Sixties?

It's about Prayer.

The highlight of the Jewish year, the high holidays, always brought together hundreds of our community in song and prayer. Covid-19 couldn’t stop us this year either. In tents on the sidewalk and following all safety protocols, our outdoor prayers brought together hundreds of brave souls who stayed in our beautiful city and truly set the tone for the rest of our Jewish year.  

Our weekly Friday-night and Shabbat-morning prayers have always been a space of spiritual and communal connection. This year, our Minyan was more intimate, and the six-foot division and masks couldn’t stop our friendships from deepening.  

It's about Learning. 

Take-5, the nightly five-minute plug in of inspiration is one of the most enjoyed programs. With a minimal commitment to maximum impact ratio, Take-5 is a consistent source of inspiration to its growing members of participants. 

Zoom should be paying us. No, but really. Learning one-on-one has always been one of the foundations of our community. With Zoom taking the lead in all things communication, learning with our Rabbis, or the local rabbis-in-training has never been easier. Which is why, so many more people are able to partake in this opportunity!  

It's about Milestones.

Chabad of the West Sixties has always been a space where we celebrate Jewish Milestones. While they may have looked slightly different this year (think: celebrating a Bar Mitzvah in the outdoor seating area of a restaurant with immediate family only + socially distanced Minyan + a Torah-to-go) our continued commitment to bring joy into the Jewish moments was not diminished. 

It's about Growth. 

Now? More? Yes. And even more. This coming year we will be launching a new branch, called Chabad Pod, run by our own Rabbi Zevi and Chana Kugel which will be catering to young Jewish Families. We are also getting ready to launch a new community library in the coming months.

It's about Family. 

More than anything, Chabad of the West Sixties is a family.  

And this year, more than ever, we saw just how important our family truly is.  

We were there for each other when we connected volunteers to the elderly who couldn’t go outside to get their own food.  

We were there for each other when so many of us needed Passover basics and we delivered all the necessary items to hundreds of members.  

We were there for each other when we needed even more light on Chanukah.  

We were there for each other when our friends moved.  

We were there for each other when our loved ones were so far away.  

We were there for each other when we needed guidance, support, friendship, love.  

We are a family. It’s what we do.  

Light is Never on Lockdown.  

Pandemics can’t stop us. This year, Chabad of the West Sixties pivoted and continued to provide services to our community in a safe and healthy manner, and in a way that brought our community even closer together. We need our family now, more than ever.  

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Rabbi Yehuda & Faya Lipskier  

Rabbi Zev & Chana Kugel  

Chabad of the West Sixties  

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