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Yom Kippur Appeal

  • Your support helps us continue our vital work, reaching hundrends of Jews. Please remember that we depend entirely on local funds. We are not supported by any central office and every dollar of every donation stays local for this community. 

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  • Dear Friends,

    The pinnacle of the High Holiday service is the fervent and heartfelt declaration following the fateful words of the "Unesaneh Tokef" that

    Repentance, Prayer and Charity can change our destiny.

    As the Rambam writes, during these Ten Days of Repentance, Jews add to their good deeds and increase their tzedakah. Indeed, the Baal Shem Tov

    teaches based on the Posuk (Psalm 121) "Hashem tzilcha – the L-rd is your shadow", that Hashem shadows and emulates our behavior.

    Hence, proportionate to our generosity, Hashem is generous in His blessings to us.

    In this spirit, as we approach the conclusion of our seal for good, we ask you to contribute generously to the Chabad Shul’s Yom Kippur Appeal.

    Please make your donation below.

    We will not be making a public appeal during Yom Kippur services, so please consider this our formal request for the Yom Kippur Appeal.

    Best wishes for a year filled with abundant blessings,

    Rabbi Yehuda & Faya Lipskier

    Rabbi Zevi & Chana Kugel

    If you have already donated- thank you! We are very grateful for your support.

     Thank you for supporting the activities of the Rebbe's organization,
    Chabad of the West Sixties, NYC!

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