I want to welcome you to join our membership family and enjoy being part of our wonderful community!

Annual membership at Chabad corresponds to the Jewish Year. Membership should be renewed every year during August/September.

Membership can be paid in installments over the year and that you can also send in your membership form today without making any payment today and schedule it for a more convenient time. 

Membership Options:

$900 Family Membership
$540 Single Membership
$360 Associate Membership For those who are already members of other Shuls or for those who do not live in the area and want to support the work of Chabad.

L'chaim Partner - $1,800

Silver Partner - $3,600

Gold Partner- $18,000

If you cannot afford the full amount requested, please contact Rabbi Lipskier at [email protected] for a confidential arrangement.

We’d love for YOUR FAMILY to become a part of OUR FAMILY!



For questions please call the Chabad office at 212-706-7708 or e-mail [email protected].


Rabbi Yehuda Lipskier