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» To Learn is to live!
Discover your roots through Torah Study classes in a wide range of topics.
Living With The Times
For all Hebrew readers, join us for a text-based, in-depth study group that will explore the dynamic dimension of the weekly Torah portion. Led by Rabbi Zevi Kugel.
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Torah and Sushi
Join Rabbi Lipskier in enjoying delectable Sushi while delving into the inner dimension of the weekly Torah portion and how it applies to our daily life. 
Location: Drisha, 37 West 65th St. (5th Floor)  
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Talmud Class
This fascinating weekly journey into the complex tomes of the Talmud will sharpen your wits and stimulate your analytic skills in a way nothing else can! You’ll enjoy the lively discussion that characterizes Talmudic study and have the opportunity to grapple with the famous logic that has embodied the ultimate in Jewish scholarship for nearly two millennia..
Date: Shabbat Mornings at 9:15 a.m
Location: Drisha, 37 West 65th St. (5th Floor) 
Torah Takeout
Curious about your faith, heritage, history? What it means to be a Jew? How about the reasons and details behind all the Mitzvos we have to do? Learning the Torah - G-d's gift to each one of us - brings direction and light to our life... which is why we offer a wide range of classes at our Chabad. 
Sometimes life gets busy, and although you would love to make it to a class, you can't seem to fit it into your schedule. Which is why - we will bring the class to you! Simply tell us what topic you would like to explore, what time and location work for you, and we will arrange for a capable educator from our staff to visit you. You can even bring along a friend (or three) and make it into a learning group! 
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