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Sell Your Chametz Online

Sell Your Chametz Online




Authorization for the Sale of Chometz

Note: Ideally, one should meet with a rabbi in person to arrage for the sale of one's chometz. For those that can't meet a rabbi in person, we offer the option of selling your chometz online with this form.

Sale of Chametz
As we may not own any chametz (leaven) on Passover, it is customary to sell all chametz before Pesach and buy it back as soon as the holiday ends. All chametz and chametz utensils are to be placed in closets or rooms that are locked/sealed shut throughout the holiday.

Since the sale must be legally binding according to both Jewish and civil law, we empower a rabbi to act as our agent. The rabbi sells the chometz on Erev Pesach, Monday, April 10th before 11:51 AM and buys it back the evening after Passover Tuesday night, April 18 8:22 PM.

We cannot responsibility for forms received after Sunday, April 92017 at 8 PM  
IMPORTANT:  After Sunday, April 9,  2017 at 8 PM, or If you will be s pending Pesach outside of the eastern United States, please click


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