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Friday Night at the Aldyn

Friday Night at the Aldyn


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NYC is all about convenience- your Shabbat experience should be too! So with that in mind and to service the needs of our growing community, we added a Friday night location. Rabbi Zev Kugel leads warm, welcoming and engaging davening at the Aldyn building every Friday night. Followed by kiddush and sushi.

This is a 2nd Friday Night Minyan in addition to the regular one at 37 W 65th.



Shabbat Parshat Behaalotecha Sivan 15/16 - June 9/10

Shabbat Day

Talmud class 9:15 AM

Shacharit: 10:00 AM

Torah Reading: Behaalotecha: Numbers 8:1 - 12:16

HaftorahZachariah 2:14 - 4:7

Children’s Program 10:30 AM-12:30PM

Children experience Shabbat and the Parsha in our warm, friendly environment every Shabbat morning. Featuring: Tfila, Parsha, Games, Snack and Weekly raffles with exciting prizes! Children 4 and under can not be left unattended.

There's a new Minyan at Chabad!  A Junior Minyan, for kids ages 9-12, will be taking place weekly at our Shul. In addition to our AMAZING 2 classroom kids program we are now adding on a 3rd room with energetic leaders, kid-led prayers, their very own Kiddush and exciting incentives.  This is a junior community your child wants, rather - needs, to join.

Shabbat Kiddush Buffet 12:15

***This week the Kiddush is being sponsored by Frances and Allen Ganz in celebration of their daughter Noe’s Bat Mitzvah.

Noa, May G‑d grant you success in your studies and in your conduct, and may you grow up to be worthy of being called a “daughter of Israel”. Mazal Tov!

Kiddush is also being sponsored by Harvey and Irina stein in honor of the conclusion of the academic year and the beginning of summer.***. 

If you wish to sponsor a Kiddush please contact us here or 212-706-7708

Please reach out to our Chesed coordinator Dana Simpson to set up or to be part of a meal train for those in need during times of joy or c”v sorrow.  

Shabbat Afternoon
Minchah: 8:05 PM followed by Shalash Sudos and Pirkay Avot (Ethics of our Fathers) class on chapter 2. To learn more about Pirkei Avot, click  here
Ma'ariv and Havdallah: 9:17 PM


  Shabbat Services Take Place.

 At 37 West 65th Street, 5th floor. Between Broadway and Central Park West.

Shabbat Services

Take part in our weekly warm and inviting Shabbat services at Drisha.

TLC: Challah Class

Twisted Loaves Club : Exclusive Challah Baking Class for women

Shul 4 Kids

Calling all Super Yids!

Take 5

We bring the Torah class to you.