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Take part in our weekly warm and inviting Shabbat services at Drisha.

TLC: Challah Class

Twisted Loaves Club : Exclusive Challah Baking Class for women

Tot Shabbat

Moms and Tots ages 0-3 enjoy Shabbat morning kids program with Morah Moriya

Take 5

We bring the Torah class to you.

Daily Quote
The truly humble soul recognizes that its mission in life lies in the pragmatic aspect of Torah, both in studying it for himself and explaining it to others; and in doing acts of material kindness by lending an empathizing mind and counsel from afar regarding household concerns, though the majority, if not all, of these concerns are things of falsehood. For the loftiest beginnings are rooted in the end.
From a note penned by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi shortly before his passing
Daily Thought
The truly rich person is one whose very being is to give. You only truly own that which you are capable of...
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